Whoosh Your Audit with AURAA

Transform your internal audit functions with AURAA by pro-actively positioning itself as a trusted confidante to the stakeholders. Take one step ahead of the process of traditional auditing to an intuitive transformation of all the audit functions to unlock the real value across the entire Internal auditing lifecycle besides the automation of the audit procedures.

Risk Management

It is impossible to ensure that with a thorough audit process, all the risks are eliminated. With critical thought and business intelligence, the risks at first seemed to be unforeseen and unknown can be detected and mitigated. Identify the variables that lead to risks and take timely actions to address those risks.

  • Identify, assess, and track the organization's risk capabilities
  • Collaborative risk and control review using dashboards
  • Supporting documentation interface with sustainable risk management
  • Effective oversight of risk areas and strategies
  • Manage Risks using real-time interactive visualizations

Audit Management

Imagine an easy and swift methodology to augment the visibility into risks and potential opportunities. Preserve the trust of your stakeholders with an agile internal audit management prepared to tackle multi-dimensional risks by sifting through massive data to mine insights with much lesser time.

  • One click Audit Report creation with Natural Language Generation
  • Integrated Issues Tracking to manage multiple Audit Plans
  • Intuitive interface to record Observation and Recommendations
  • Collaborative platform to update documents and evidence
  • Simplified tracking system for Audit Plan completion, activities and progress


Adopting a digital platform for the continuous monitoring of risks and control effectiveness keeping a close watch over the probable frauds and patterns to anticipate future risks enables an organization to get a better understanding of how to mitigate risks in the future effectively.

  • Access, explore, and analyze data with self-service analytics
  • Dynamic and Interactive Audit Analytics dashboards
  • Integration with Risk controls for exception scenarios
  • Zero coding and fully customizable visuals
  • Validate data digitally with supporting documents

Advanced Analytics

Anticipate the likelihood of potential threats by tracking the patterns and the probability of events that may occur using Advanced Analytics techniques and get a deeper and easier understanding of all the business data collected using interactive dashboard interfaces.

  • Replace human-centered processes with AI and software tools
  • Identify opportunities and uncover risks with Machine Learning
  • Improve audit performance with Robotic Process Automation
  • Transform the extensive data into a visually colorful, interactive data visualization
  • Track trends, patterns, and anomalies, and make better, data-driven decisions

Time Management

Obtain a clearer picture of the high priority tasks and the time taken for it, the observations generated, and track the implementation of timely actions that determine the success and failure of an audit.

  • Timesheet entry interface with automated approval notification
  • Proper tracking of project types where more hours are spent
  • Interactive dashboard interface for easier data analysis

Budget Management

Keep constant notice of your budget and your expenses integrated with your audit plan and always make sure to keep projects under budget. We help you track the resource utilization of your organization to get a transparent picture of all the budget details, however big the data is, in seconds.

  • Drill down interface to Audit, Task and Activity level details
  • Spillover alerts against allocated budget and expenses
  • Out-of-the-box variance analysis dashboard templates


Make employees participate in the surveys to perceive the issues faced by them and to become aware of the threats that may occur. Enable the departments to self-review in order to identify the potential areas of weakness, non-compliance, and/or unsound practices. 

  • Tag assessments to risks, controls, and audits
  • Foresee the probabilities of risks and navigate in the right direction


Get a consolidated view of all the actions taken, from the massive data collected on a daily basis, using the real-time dashboards that help all the users to understand the analytics easily and to arrive at resolutions at the right time.

  • Get an integrated view of all the actions in a single window
  • Interactive and real-time dashboards to deeply analyze the data

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